Rivalry Juice! + Today's Live Ohio State vs. Michigan Watch Along!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Rivalry Week is finally upon us. Though Ohio State vs. Michigan is the big headliner, there are tons of meaningful games in Week 13, most of them filled with raw, college football passion. This what it’s all about!

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In today’s college football newsletter:

  • Which rivalries have the most juice?

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-Ty Hildenbrandt & Bradley Hohulin


To throw out the records, or not throw out the records… that is the question on Rivalry Week. We loaded up this week’s slate with 15 of the most intense rivlaries for your picking pleasure. And to the victor, go the awesome spoils of a $100 credit to our friends at Pristine Auction, as well as an Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 Portable Speaker.

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Which Rivalries Have the Most Juice?

Photo by Christopher Mast/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Alright, no messing around — it’s rivalry week.

The pinnacle of college football, rivalry week is when records, tantrums and TV remotes all get thrown in the span of an afternoon. While not every fan is blessed with a fun, interesting matchup, there’s plenty of spite and vengeance to go around. Let’s look at the juiciest ones.

The Apple Cup: No. 4 Washington vs Washington State

4:00 pm ET (FOX)

In Week 10, Oklahoma State defeated Oklahoma in the final rendition of Bedlam as we know it. It was everything Pokes fans could have hoped for, sending the Sooners off to the SEC with a loss while securing nearly perpetual bragging rights. Now, Wazzu has a chance to do the same.

Washington has a Pac-12 Championship date, Playoff aspirations and a ticket to the Big Ten. By comparison, Washington State has nothing. That’s what makes them so dangerous.

At this point, I’ve convinced myself there’s no way the Cougars lose. What would be more Pac-12 than its best shot at the Playoff crumbling in rivalry week? Wazzou might be horrifically outmatched, but nothing on the Washington sideline rivals the Cougars’ sheer spite right now.

Relax, Huskies. Win or lose, you’re just a year away from getting into glorious 13-10 battles with Iowa and Minnesota on a biweekly basis. Who’s the loser now?

The Game: No. 3 Michigan vs No. 2 Ohio State

12:00 pm ET (FOX)

For over a decade, we watched the Buckeyes dominate this historic rivalry while Wolverine fans insisted things would be different if Michigan were willing to “cheat” like Ohio State.

Well, um, maybe they were right?

The Connor Stalions sign-stealing saga is what gives this year’s rendition of The Game maximum juice. A rivalry is only as strong as each team’s belief that their opponents are godless heathens that will never see the kingdom of heaven. I guarantee you there will be pastors across Ohio tomorrow who use today’s game in a clumsy metaphor about taking the high road.

Or, if Ohio State loses a third year in a row, maybe they’ll use it as proof that god just hates the Buckeyes.  

Paul Bunyan’s Axe: Minnesota vs. Wisconsin

3:30 pm ET (FS1)

Much like the countless frozen turkeys dropped into vats of screaming hot oil throughout the Midwest this past Thanksgiving, the fight for Paul Bunyan’s ask is sure to be a barn burner.

You’ve got Wisconsin fresh off a bounce-back win against Nebraska following losses to Northwestern and Indiana. You’ve got Minnesota battling for bowl eligibility on a three-game losing streak. Two defenses that are probably great but we’ll never know because they play Big Ten West offenses going against, well, Big Ten West offenses.

The air? Literally freezing. The vibes? Poor at best. The juice? Flowing like the Mississippi River.

To be clear, we’re talking about jungle juice. Drink up, Badgers and Gophers. Season’s almost over.

Palmetto Bowl: Clemson vs. South Carolina

7:30 pm ET (SEC Network)

Clemson had owned South Carolina for the better part of the last decade until the Gamecocks pulled a 31-30 road upset last year and turned this rivalry on its ear. With this year’s game back home on Columbia, don’t sleep for a second on South Carolina, which needs this win to get bowl eligible and hand its biggest rival its fifth loss of the season.

Juice. A plenty.

 -Bradley Hohulin


Getting the most out of Rivalry Week

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