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This is your LAST CHANCE to join our free Winter Wonders Bowl Pool! All are welcome to compete for fabulous prizes against the Verballerhood, but you’ve only got until tomorrow. Details below!

In today’s college football newsletter:

  • How to sign up for the Winter Wonders Bowl Pool

  • Some coaching intel from Bruce Feldman

  • What we’re cooking up for the next few weeks


Yes, I’m calling you out…

You have no reason to not play our big bowl pool! It’s fun, it’s free, and the prizes are fabulous, thanks to our pals over at Pristine Auction (more on this in a sec). We celebrate bowl season more than your average college football podcast and would love to see how your picks do against ours. That is… if you’re up for the competition (nudge, nudge)…

We’re giving out prizes to the top 11 finishers, which is something we’ve never done before. Our grand prize winner gets a $250 credit from the aforementioned Pristine Auction, a limited edition (one-of-a-kind) Winter Wonders championship sweatshirt, a congratulatory video message from TV referee Dean Blandino, and more! To get you started, we recorded a 90-minute crash course on this year’s bowl games.

Again, this pool is entirely free, but you’ve only got until tomorrow before the games start up, so sign up now! Please forward this to other college football fans and feel free to invite your friends. A lot of college football fans run bowl pools this time of year, why not just join ours?


Is the Coaching Carousel done spinning?

That was the question we posed to our friend Bruce Feldman of The Athletic and FOX Sports on yesterday’s episode. His answer: Maybe.

The question looming over the coaching world right now is whether Jim Harbaugh will be Michigan’s coach in 2024. The administration reportedly has an offer on the table to extend Harbaugh, contingent on him not pursuing an NFL gig this offseason.

It’s anyone’s guess as to whether those terms are agreeable to Harbaugh, who has made a habit of flirting with the NFL. With Michigan set to face off in a two-front war against the NCAA, you have to wonder whether Harbaugh plays his too-old-for-this-s*** card and bolts off to the pros, especially if Michigan wins a national championship.

As always, Bruce offered some incredible insight on the Michigan situation as well as others around college football:

  • Does Lincoln Riley have a vision for USC?

  • How did Texas A&M decide on Mike Elko?

  • Is UCLA done with Chip Kelly?

  • How did Steve Sarkisian evolve into a playoff-caliber coach?

  • Why Tulane and Kansas are the biggest winners of all

We loved having Bruce back on the pod to give us the latest coaching intel. Check it out by clicking below!


A quick word on the next couple weeks!

It’s a shorter newsletter today as we try to catch our breath from an intense college football season and coaching carousel, and now, the frenetic opening of the transfer portal. There is more college football news than ever and it’s December 15th!

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be going hard at the latest happenings in the portal, the upcoming New Year’s Six and Playoff games, and the National Championship. We’ll be doing watch parties out on YouTube to coincide with the biggest games, Q&A’s and much more. We’ll also be traveling to Houston and putting together a one-of-a-kind preview ahead of the championship game that will be appropriately weird and experiential. If you like last year’s goofy taco tour, you’ll love what we’re cooking up this time around.

Also, if you’re in the Houston area, we’re putting together plans for a Verballer meet-up on Friday, January 5th. Use the poll below to let us know if you’ll be in the area and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the details:

About that Houston meet-up on January 5th...

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